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RO: Plecand de la prima varianta de design, am incercat sa pastram conceptul initial in mare, dar sa construim o varianta in care nu vom avea televizor, iar atmosfera va fi mai calda si mai confortabila. Asadar, in locul televizorului am introdus un acvariu si am redus dimensiunile mobilierului aferent, respectiv inaltimea si adancimea. Volumul care va masca grinda din tavan, a devenit mai simplu si am modificat sistemul de iluminare, care acum nu va mai contine spoturi directionale ci va fi compus dintr-un set de corpuri de iluminat de la Lucente. Initial am amplasat lampadarul langa usa, insa am constatat ca se potriveste mai bine langa geam si am modificat pozitia acestuia.

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EN: Keeping the atmosphere and aesthetic guidelines from the first version, we made another version of the bedroom, in which we’ll have no TV. The TV was replaced by an aquarium and the furniture that holds it was reduced in height and depth. We seek to obtain a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere. For that reason, we changed the spot based lighting system with lights from Lucente. Also, everything is simplified and the chromatic had changed slightly for a warmer looking environment.

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  1. Wow!! Cool, I really like this one! Gr8 colors, wood, warm, clean. I have a wood fetish I think 😀 I don't know maybe it's only me dar pe mine m-ar deranja chestiile alea pe plafon mai ales deasupra patului, as avea sentimentul ca na asta imi pica in cap in orice moment, dar in rest very very nice!!

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