Design de birou eficient | Vitra – the efficient office design.

RO: Potrivit Vitra, biroul eficient:
– Creste productivitatea cu pana la 30%
– Optimizeaza motivatia angajatilor,
– Reduce absenta pe caz de boala de la 3,2%, la 1,3%
– Optimizeaza procesele si caile de comunicare,
– Creeaza pana la 20% spatii libere suplimentare
– Potenteaza determinant procesul de recrutare
– Contureaza constant identitatea companiei
EN: According to Vitra, the efficient office:
– Raises productivity by up to 30%
– Provides optimal motivation for employees
– Reduces sickness-related absence from work from 3.2% to 1.3%
– Optimises processes and communication paths
– Provides up to 20% more freely usable areas
– Provides a strong selling point when recruiting the most talented staff
– Shapes the company’s identity – through and through

RO: Biroul e o zona locuita.

In procesul de schimbare de la societatea industriala spre cea de servicii, birourile au devenit din zone de planificarea productiei, adevarate centre de informare si cercetare. Biroul este locul unde oamenii se aduna sa faca schimb de idei si sa lucreze in echipe. De aici apare necesitatea de a crea un ambient de birou, care sa ofere conditiile ideale pentru lucrul in echipa, fara a ignora nevoia de intimitate a indivizilor.  Acest lucru este vizat prin introducerea conceptului Vitra Net ‘n’ Nest.

EN: The office is a living area. 
During the Western world’s changeover from being an industrial society to being a services society – and technological progress has been speeding up this change for some years now – the office has replaced the production site as a centre of productive process and is increasingly becoming a marketplace for knowledge. The office is a place where people go to exchange information and to work in teams. This is because the mobile knowledge worker can do everything else at home or in alternative models from hotspot-based areas.
So it is important to create an office environment that provides the ideal conditions to meet the demands of modern team work processes without losing sight of the needs of individuals. Vitra’s Net ‘n’ Nest concept makes this possible.

RO: Ce puteti face pentru a avea un birou eficient Net ‘n’ Nest? Puteti discuta cu arhitectul sau designerul care se ocupa de designul birourilor dumneavoastra, sau puteti contacta Vitra pentru consultanta.
EN: What can you do in order to have an efficient Net ’n’ Nest office? Either talk to your architects or office planners, with whom we are very happy to work within set parameters, or talk to us.

RO: Conceptul de birou eficient este creeat si promovat de Vitra, iar noi il aplicam cu placere din toate punctele de vedere in toate proiectele noastre de tip office. Avem parteneriat cu cel mai bun distribuitor Vitra din tara si putem oferi clientilor nostri toata gama comercializatra de acestia.
EN: The efficient office concept is created and promoted by Vitra, and we are proud to apply it on every office project. We partner with the best Vitra dealer in Romania and we can offer to our customers all of their products range. 
Source: Vitra

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