Quertec – Material compozit interesant | composite material

RO: QUERTEC este amestecul elegant in care rasina patrunde printre niste sipci de lemn pentru a combina frumusetea lemnului cu transparenta rasinii. Un material compozit dur constituit din:
Lemn (stejar, fag, frasin, mahon, artar, cires, nuc, iroko, tek, zebrano, wenge, etc) si rasina de diverse culori si transparente, de la clar la translucid si de la alb si negru, la o gama foarte variata de culori.

EN: QUERTEC is the elegant blend in which the resin runs down between stripes of wood, so that it combines the majesty of wood with the transparency of resin.
A somptuous and hardy bi-material constituted by :
* Wood : oak, beech, ash, sipo-mahogany, maple-sycamore, cherry wood, bubinga, walnut, iroko, teak, wenge, zebrano…
* And RESIN of many shades :
o Natural, it is often clear with a subtle frosted aspect but it can be shinny or very translucent.
o Opaque or quite opaque : in white or black.
o Cheerful and acidulous colors : orange, coganc, caramel, yellow, fuchsia, red cherry, turquoise, blue sapphire, green Army, purple..

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